Go From This

To This!

Go From This

To This!

What Do We Remove?



TVs/Electronic Appliances

Paint Disposal (not in bulk)

Tires (not in bulk)

Metal scrap

Yard waste

Construction Trash

And plenty more. (nothing hazardous)

same or next day pickup

Junk Express NC offers you same or next day pickup. Our fast junk removal service will allow you to continue with your home or business projects, get on with moving to a new location, or simply help you to continue enjoying a clutter-free environment.

We serve Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Burlington, High Point, Randleman, Asheboro and more.


The Trucks in our Fleet have 17 cubic yd capacity.

Curbside pick up prices

¼ of the truck $125

½ of the truck $225

¾ of the truck $350

full load $450

Inside pick up prices

$25 surcharge in apartments 3rd floor or higher

¼ of the truck $150

½ of the truck $250

¾ of the truck $375

full load $450

What Kind Of Junk do You Need Removing?

Commercial Junk Removal

We provide comprehensive Commercial Junk Removal services, including office cleanouts and construction debris disposal.

Residential Junk Removal

Looking for a reliable solution to remove old furniture, broken appliances, and other rubbish? Our team offers efficient and affordable Residential Junk Removal so you can reclaim your living area.

Renovations Junk Removal

From demolition to construction, our team provides efficient Junk Removal Services for all stages of your renovation project. Let us handle the Junk Removal so you can focus on the transformation!


Don’t move junk you don’t need to your new space. Our junk removal service will help you get rid of it.


Our expert team at Junk Express NC will be happy to help you remove debris after a disaster.

we make our junk removal service easy for you.
Just show us where it is and it will disappear!

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